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Another Yuletide has come and gone, and I wrote in a fandom that isn't Young Wizards this year!

Postcards from After the End for Kass. Newsflesh Trilogy, Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason. They sent their posts and articles via blind relay. They sent their very rare postcards much the same way.

I'm very much afraid that it wasn't my best effort, but my recipient liked it, and that's what matters. Also, it has hockey references, because apparently that's how I roll now and forever. The zombie apocalypse has to happen first, but the Maple Leafs do, eventually, win the Stanley Cup again.

In return, I received TWO OUTSTANDINGLY AWESOME WORKS, BOTH FROM MY ASSIGNED YULE GOAT. Y'all, I don't know how they did it, but belford deserves all the praise in the world and you should go give them some.

The first present was Bigger Than You Think an interactive story of exploration, which was a CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE VIDEO GAME COMBINING XKCD AND ITALO CALVINO. I almost burst out crying Christmas morning, I was so happy with it. Also, it wasn't quite The Fic That Won Yuletide (I think the Twisted Princesses fic that got linked on i09 did that), but it was up there, and I am happy that it was FOR MEEEE.

The second present was Tropesis, in Young Wizards, which was The Winged Defender/The Lone Power in the time before entropy. I know I said I loved the video game, but this one hit me where I LIVE, and I think I love it EVEN MORE than the video game. Go read it, it's beautiful.
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Yuletide has come and gone for another year. I'm going to be a while longer slogging through the backlog of posted fic, though, because the Dread God Real Life has been very active lately, but here, have my reveal and a few recs.

I wrote Automotive Testing Procedures in the Young Wizards fandom. I'm pretty sure it was an easy guess for anyone who cared to take a swing at it, since my affection for Kit and Ronan and penchant for pretentious titles are dead giveaway tells in Young Wizards. I also received fic in Young Wizards, Remaking, a wonderful little slice of Tom/Carl that was exactly what I was hoping for when I asked someone to write me the fic their heart desired.

Other fic I liked included: )
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Hello! I just got done with a challenge that was very stressful for me, largely through my own fault, so let me tell you what I wish someone had told me: it doesn't matter what you write, as long as you write it. I love every single one of these fandoms to itty bitty pieces (in one case literally; one of the books has disintegrated), and no matter what you write, I'll love it. Take every single thing I say from here on as strictly or as loosely as you need to to have a joyous Yuletide.

In brief: I'm a multishipper and a multifandom whore. I love, in alphabetical order, femslash, gen, het, and slash. I'm a huge fan of fanworks that look at the canon from a new perspective and that build in new details about the world in which they are set. I generally prefer badinage and wit over angst and despair, but I can be persuaded otherwise. My absolute squicks are embarrassment, mpreg, and mentor-mentee sex. If you want details about my preferences generally, I urge you to consult the list at the end of this letter, my “dear internet please bring me a pony tag,” which collects all of my fandom exchange letters, and my Delicious and AO3 bookmarking pages, which are linked in the sidebar. If you want details about my prompts specifically, those are below the cuts.

Young Wizards )

Newsflesh - Mira Grant )

The Night Circus - Erin Morganstern )

Fidelio (Op.72) )

In General: )

Have fun with this, dear Yule Goat. I can't wait to see what you make.
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Today is my birthday! As a reverse present, have some first-run Yuletide Recs. More will be coming once the AO3 recovers a little.

Anthropomorfic, Foxtrot/Calvin and Hobbes, Young Wizards, DCU/Young Wizards, and Lost Girl Recs )
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So you got me for Yuletide! I am so glad you share my insanity in at least one (very, very small) fandom, and have not been sent screaming to the hills by my prompt. Remember, dear Yulegoat: You can totally ignore everything I say! I requested these fandoms because A) I love them or B)They don't really exist, in the sense of having fanworks or, you know, fans, but I love the theoretical idea of them or C) I was totally on crack when I made my requests. The point is, whatever you write, I'll love. The prompts are just potential jumping-off points.

I will try to make this as painless as possible, but as you may have noticed, I ramble. A lot. If you just want the Cliff's Notes, I'm equally fond of gen, het, slash, and femmeslash, I favor banter even in dark times, and if you throw in obscure scientific or historical facts I will love your story forever. If you want details, more information than you actually require waits below the cuts.

Diane Duane - Young Wizards )

RPF – f(x) )

Les Aventures Extraordinaires d'Ad�le Blanc-Sec )

Academic Institutions (Anthropomorphic) )

Other Stuff About Me )

Again, thank you so much for participating in this, my favorite thing in all fandom; you are a wonderful person, and I can't wait to see what you make.
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Good news: I have a lot going on in my Fannish December! Bad news: I have a lot going on in my Fannish December, and exams! Balancing these is going to be interesting.

Yuletide is shaping up to be really awesome. I matched with my recipient on two fandoms, which is always nice. I had a failed fic outlined but not written for one fandom that, with a little bit of evisceration and emotional restructuring, fits very well with what the recipient requested. I'm currently banging away on that one. Unfortunately, although I know that writers are allowed to use all parts of the buffalo, I still feel guilty about giving someone a slightly used idea, so I think I'll probably wind up writing a fic for the second fandom too. And then a random prompt gave me Yuletide Madness ideas, so that might happen too. We'll see how the first two go.

In unexpected but still awesome fannish business, I'm driving the [ profile] crack_van for Young Wizards during Small Fandoms Month!  I had honestly forgotten that I had signed up for that.  I'm super-excited (mainly for Crossover Collisions Day, because HAVE  I  GOT  RECS  FOR  THAT), but also super-nervous, because I feel like my taste in YW fic isn't the most mainstream (c.f. my affection for Darryl/Ronan and Lone Power/Winged Defender and relative "meh" about Carmela). 
[ profile] crack_van is about representing the fandom as a whole, not just your personal Good Bits Version. Blargh.  Fortunately, [ profile] doranwen just recently wrote up an awesome recs list, so I'm gonna use that and Delicious to try to figure out whether I've missed any wildly popular fics in the last 3 years.  [personal profile] labellementeuse,[ profile] trialia  - got any ideas?

Also bad news: between Yuletide and [ profile] crack_van, I basically have to table this Generation Kill/Inception crossover that's been brewing for a while right when I figured out how to make it work. 



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Well, not yet.  But almost.

  Give them your tired, your obscure, your huddled fandoms yearning for new fic.

I actually have put thought into my nominations, which is... uncharacteristic of me.  But most of these fandoms have been burning a hole in my brain for over a year now, and some for rather longer. I PINE for fic in them.  So, I  decided to create a little series of pimp posts about why I'm recommending these fandoms in particular and why you should pick them up RIGHT NOW.  These, in addition to hopefully inspiring some of y'all to pick up the canons, will be a handy shortcut for my Dear Yule Goat letter.  I haven't figured out my prompts yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to be drawing heavily from these canons (c.f. burning desire for fic as stated above).  My fandoms are:

1. The Unwritten (comic)
2. The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec (movie)
3. f(x) RPF
4. John Adams (miniseries)
5. Runaways (Comic)
6. Diane Duane - Feline Wizards

So basically you can consider all of these as recommended canons, except possibly f(x), who sort of fall much more into the "guilty pleasure" category of pop.  The first post should be up late tonight, barring unforseen developments, and then I'm gonna try to do one every few days, hopefully finishing by the time sign-ups end.  Vive la petite fandoms!

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Wow. I feel like I've been waiting for this book for forever, and I finished it within about twelve hours of obtaining it. I refuse to feel guilty, though, because I just got through a week of hell and this was a nice mini-vacation.

Things What Made Me Happy
  • Kit drawing nekkid ladies in his history notes
  • Nita being harassed by the koi
  • The Kit’n’Ronan’n’Darryl Show. “You sure physics lets you do that?” “Giant robot scorpions. Why is it always giant robot scorpions?” “We had tv shows like this back home on Saturday afternoons when I was little. This is the part where I always hid behind the couch.” “You two should do stand-up.” Ronan and Darryl are awesome together! I totally called it!
  • Nita and Marvin the Martian.
  • Rafting is real-canon now! Time to dig out that old “Who Carl Knew Who Endured Something Worse Than Death, and How It Related to Atlantis” fic that’s been gathering dust on my hard drive for eons and get to work.
  • “Your idea of physical intimacy is punching Kit in the shoulder!”
  • Helena’s Young Wizards as told by DC and Marvel schtick. Kit goes bamf! (Nightcrawler totally has Latin Gallantry too. Or German Gallantry. Whatever.)
  • Again with the last-line, Duane? Whatever, I’ll take it. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
Things What Made Me Sad
  • Peaccchhhhh. She’s been dead and gone for six books now, and she’s still keeping Nita out of trouble.
  • Ponch’s leash. *sniff* I’m not crying. Really.
  • No Lone Power, and no Champion either. I know it got covered in the Seniors Explain It All section, but I missed the bastard and the bitch.
Things What Made Me Confused
  • Darryl’s sudden and distressing descent into jive.  He pulls out of it, but for a while there it was a little what is this I don't even.
  • Ronan saying he’s too old for Carmela. I know, the first rule of the timeline is you don’t talk about the timeline, but I’ve always worked under the impression that Carmela’s older than Nita, and Ronan kissed Nita last summer, about a year ago, so yeah.
  • Dairine’s still only eleven? Wow.
  • The fashion. Ronan, of course, will be in black jeans and t-shirts until time ends, and that’s as it should be, but Carmela knotting a baggy tee into something MORE fashionable? Nita lounging in a crop top? Please, Duane, I beg you, if you must describe the clothes of teenagers, look at the clothes of teenagers. No one has worn crop tops or knotted t-shirts for about a decade now.
 Thinky Thoughts.

           I wasn't really sure whether I was going to like this when I started reading.  The plot, as given on the dust jacket, took a long time to come to a boil, with a lot of digressions into the history of how the people of Earth have seen Mars.  In the end, though, the payoff was incredible.  To me, this wasn't so much about Mars as about the stories we tell, to ourselves and to others, and the ways they change and repeat.  Earthlings tell ourselves stories about the people of the Red Planet, each wrong and right in their own ways; Two lovers from a dead world dance out Romeo and Juliet with a few key changes; Nita faces down Aurilelde in a showdown that reminded me a lot of the end of Tam Lin.  Stories are important.
          It's not just the big stories, either; a big theme in this book was justifying your own actions to yourself and to others.  I use "justifying" purposefully, because if you're telling a story, you're trying to convince someone, and you may not always be in the right.  Each of the YW books has ratcheted up the moral greyness as a part of growing up; this book definitely fit that trend.  I may have liked to have seen the Lone Power and the Champion again, but the book would have suffered for it.


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