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A friend of mine has a cousin - young, dresses oddly, likes Doctor Who - who's going through a bit of a rough patch. We're trying to collect advice for her - other than the generic "it'll be better in college" - here.

If you could take a moment to tell someone what you wish someone had told you when you were thirteen, it'd be appreciated.

ETA: A number of people have expressed an interest in seeing other people's responses, so I've set up a Tumblr here. The anonymity of all responses will be preserved.
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Evan Lysacek has been a douchebag again.  This is nothing new, and Johnny Weir has also been less than gentlemanly  in their ongoing attempt to make the world wonder just what their deal is*,  but the difference is that since the Olympics, Johnny is on Showtime and Evan is on cereal boxes.  One of these things has a much better chance of spreading its message to small children than the other.  So, if transphobia and homophobia in an Olympic Gold Medalist make you a little angry, consider writing to one of his sponsors and expressing that fact.

[personal profile] laurashapiro  has posted Stay Awake, the only fanvid I can think of that has ever made me want to scream in horror.  Seriously, it's beautiful and economical and after I saw it I went and sat under the shower with all my clothes on for a while.  Watch it now.

And once you've gotten your fluffy blanket and mug of hot tea and recovered from that, watch [personal profile] damned_colonial 's A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, which is a panfannish lovefest dedicated to the women of the Age of Sail and which will make it all better, guaranteed.

*Seriously, they need to either accept their mutual right to live in the way that they choose or fuck.  Not sure which, but this whole bitchy questioning of each other's gender and sexual identity is getting old, fast, and harshing my squee.


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