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Oh, Merlin.  When I quit watching Supernatural, that wasn't an invitation for you to become my new "Why Am I Still Watching This?" show, and yet I had to open up Notepad and start snarking to make it through this episode.  Please re-up your slash quotient before I quit you and just read fic.

Spoilers and Mockery, Ho! )

Seriously,  I really need to abandon ship at this point.  Unfortunately, prior experience with Heroes, Supernatural, and Bones has shown that it will take at least a season more before I actually quit watching.  Damn loyalty.

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So finals are done and I'm catching up on my teevee viewing before work starts.   This included catching up on the last month or so of Supernatural, culminating in the finale.  I have a lot of thoughts about the last few episodes, but mainly what I think is that I'm done with Supernatural. 

It's not that the finale (or Two Minutes to Midnight, or The Devil You Know, because WOW do I love me some Mark Sheppard, and I fully support his apparent quest to appear on every genre tv show ever) was particularly bad.  It wasn't.  It was actually good.  I spent most of the episode being terrified that they were going to kill the Metallicar, with the Chuck segments building into the show all the fanon that's accumulated about life on the road, but I'll forgive that because the final meeting was so perfectly balanced.  Adam, representing Heaven, Sam, representing Hell, and Dean, representing Humanity and Team Free Will and the sheer damn stubbornness of love.  He lost Cas, and he lost Bobby, but he still stayed, and just let Sam know that he was there.

And Sam rose to the occasion.  I love that the Metallicar saved the day, reminding Sam of what it means to be human.   After Sam dragged Michael/Adam down into the pit and the whole closed and Dean was left there, that was it for me.  That was when Supernatural ended.  Humanity alone, having given up everything to be free.  I think it's a little simplistic, but that, to me, was what this whole season was saying; freedom's worth it.  Worth anything.

Of course then they buggered the whole damn thing up by hitting the reset button.  Bobby's back?  Okay. Castiel's back?  Okay.  He's megapowerful again?  What?  But you just had this whole arc where he was human and still awesome and - whatever.  Dean swans off to Lisa and Ben to live a normal life and not raise Sam from the dead.  (And can I just mention that I loved that scene?  Not because I actually believed that Dean would go and try to live a normal life, but because Dean was less bothered by Sam's dying than by Sam not coming back.  SPN, ladies and gents).

And then Sam's back?  No explanation, no summer in Hell, just - back?  No.  I'm sorry, when you create an emotionally pure moment, you're supposed to let it sit for a bit, not fuck it up in the next five minutes.

And that's really why I'm done with SPN.  It's become a gambling rat show for me.  When you hit the lever, sometimes you get food, and sometimes you get Swap Meat.  I'd rather have it end on a high note and just be done.  No more swallowing the misogyny or inane plot twists or the fact that there are only two named good alive women who have appeared in multiple episodes over the course of five damn seasons.  I'm done.  Unless Dean actually goes after God next season, this show has nothing more to say to me.
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Wow. I feel like I've been waiting for this book for forever, and I finished it within about twelve hours of obtaining it. I refuse to feel guilty, though, because I just got through a week of hell and this was a nice mini-vacation.

Things What Made Me Happy
  • Kit drawing nekkid ladies in his history notes
  • Nita being harassed by the koi
  • The Kit’n’Ronan’n’Darryl Show. “You sure physics lets you do that?” “Giant robot scorpions. Why is it always giant robot scorpions?” “We had tv shows like this back home on Saturday afternoons when I was little. This is the part where I always hid behind the couch.” “You two should do stand-up.” Ronan and Darryl are awesome together! I totally called it!
  • Nita and Marvin the Martian.
  • Rafting is real-canon now! Time to dig out that old “Who Carl Knew Who Endured Something Worse Than Death, and How It Related to Atlantis” fic that’s been gathering dust on my hard drive for eons and get to work.
  • “Your idea of physical intimacy is punching Kit in the shoulder!”
  • Helena’s Young Wizards as told by DC and Marvel schtick. Kit goes bamf! (Nightcrawler totally has Latin Gallantry too. Or German Gallantry. Whatever.)
  • Again with the last-line, Duane? Whatever, I’ll take it. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
Things What Made Me Sad
  • Peaccchhhhh. She’s been dead and gone for six books now, and she’s still keeping Nita out of trouble.
  • Ponch’s leash. *sniff* I’m not crying. Really.
  • No Lone Power, and no Champion either. I know it got covered in the Seniors Explain It All section, but I missed the bastard and the bitch.
Things What Made Me Confused
  • Darryl’s sudden and distressing descent into jive.  He pulls out of it, but for a while there it was a little what is this I don't even.
  • Ronan saying he’s too old for Carmela. I know, the first rule of the timeline is you don’t talk about the timeline, but I’ve always worked under the impression that Carmela’s older than Nita, and Ronan kissed Nita last summer, about a year ago, so yeah.
  • Dairine’s still only eleven? Wow.
  • The fashion. Ronan, of course, will be in black jeans and t-shirts until time ends, and that’s as it should be, but Carmela knotting a baggy tee into something MORE fashionable? Nita lounging in a crop top? Please, Duane, I beg you, if you must describe the clothes of teenagers, look at the clothes of teenagers. No one has worn crop tops or knotted t-shirts for about a decade now.
 Thinky Thoughts.

           I wasn't really sure whether I was going to like this when I started reading.  The plot, as given on the dust jacket, took a long time to come to a boil, with a lot of digressions into the history of how the people of Earth have seen Mars.  In the end, though, the payoff was incredible.  To me, this wasn't so much about Mars as about the stories we tell, to ourselves and to others, and the ways they change and repeat.  Earthlings tell ourselves stories about the people of the Red Planet, each wrong and right in their own ways; Two lovers from a dead world dance out Romeo and Juliet with a few key changes; Nita faces down Aurilelde in a showdown that reminded me a lot of the end of Tam Lin.  Stories are important.
          It's not just the big stories, either; a big theme in this book was justifying your own actions to yourself and to others.  I use "justifying" purposefully, because if you're telling a story, you're trying to convince someone, and you may not always be in the right.  Each of the YW books has ratcheted up the moral greyness as a part of growing up; this book definitely fit that trend.  I may have liked to have seen the Lone Power and the Champion again, but the book would have suffered for it.


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