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Today is my birthday! As a reverse present, have some first-run Yuletide Recs. More will be coming once the AO3 recovers a little.

Academic Institutions Anthropomorfic

Scandal On Brookline Street. Rated T. ~600 Words.

Prestige alone cannot conquer the beast that is envy.

In which Harvard and MIT pull each other's pigtails, to the amusement of all.

Crossover: Calvin and Hobbes/Foxtrot

The Roommate of +10 Confusion. Rated G. ~3,500 words.

Jason Fox and Calvin are college roommates, in a pitch-perfect representation of what bright young people can get up towhen they don't have to be in one building for 8 hours a day anymore. If this doesn't make you clap your hands like a seal in joy, I'm not sure we can be friends.

Crossover: DCU/Young Wizards

Wizards in Winter. Rated G. ~10,000 words.


Lost Girl

Fireflies. Rated G. ~550 words.

Hale doesn't like humans. No, really.

Put Hale and Kenzi in a fic together, and for me, there is not enough D'AWWWWW in the world. This has a believable old Hale whose barriers are effectively lowered by a bottle-fairy Kenzi. There needs to be more of this sort of thing.

The Thief, the Pook, His Strife, and Their Troubles. Rated T. ~1,500 words.

She was nowhere near insane enough or drunk enough to hit on someone or something who was as likely or not to see her as a snack, still for a potential Kenzivore, this guy was cute.

A delightful little romp about what Kenzi gets up to on her nights away from Bo. Written in the Best Kenzi Voice Ever and featuring Koschei the Deathless, Baba Yaga, and Trick's sketchy nephew Gary.

Young Wizards

Aschesis. Rated G. ~10,000 Words.

"Ronan," the Lone Power said softly. "Didn't He leave you out? You gave your life, and He abandoned you. What good are you without Him?"

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, MY YULEGOAT WROTE ME THE FIC I'VE WANTED FOR THREE YEARS. This is entirely perfect, with a Ronan who's learning to be himself, not just a vessel, and doing it with the help of Darryl and a casefile involving Ponch's pocket universes. There are Narnia references and awkward Meet-The-Parents moments and my heart broke at least three times while reading it. THIS IS THE STORY OF MY HEART'S DELIGHT. GO READ IT NOW.

Metamophose. Rated T. ~1,300 words.

Last night, sitting on his bed with Nita's feet resting in his lap while they read through their manuals on their current errantry, Kit paused in his reading for a moment and realised he could feel her breathing in her skin.

Okay, so I can sell you on this post AWoM Kit/Nita fic with one line. Are you ready? Here goes: When she needs his power, he gives it, wholly and utterly. Three small words in the Speech that aren’t I love you, but which might as well be when he says them to her. You sold? Thought so. Go read. The rest of these will still be here when you get back.

Dealing. Rated T. ~1,300 words.

Nita deals with things after her mother's passing.

Short and sweet and true, especially to anyone who's ever lost a parent while young.
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