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So you got me for Yuletide! I am so glad you share my insanity in at least one (very, very small) fandom, and have not been sent screaming to the hills by my prompt. Remember, dear Yulegoat: You can totally ignore everything I say! I requested these fandoms because A) I love them or B)They don't really exist, in the sense of having fanworks or, you know, fans, but I love the theoretical idea of them or C) I was totally on crack when I made my requests. The point is, whatever you write, I'll love. The prompts are just potential jumping-off points.

I will try to make this as painless as possible, but as you may have noticed, I ramble. A lot. If you just want the Cliff's Notes, I'm equally fond of gen, het, slash, and femmeslash, I favor banter even in dark times, and if you throw in obscure scientific or historical facts I will love your story forever. If you want details, more information than you actually require waits below the cuts.

Diane Duane – Young Wizards

Hi! I realize that the following request is a tall and non-canonical drink of water. If you can't manage it, anything with Ronan and Darryl together is fine. Really. I talk about the fineness of it at length in my Dear Yulegoat letter, if you care to read it.

So. With that in mind, I have this super-fanon theory. Part A of this theory is that when Ronan didn't die during Wizards at War, and did lose the Winged Power, the combined result left him a wee bit fucked in the head. When you've spent a good part of your life struggling to maintain your own identity in the face of an overwhelming force, and then finally decide that dying to enable the force to do its work is worth it, and then wake up not-dead, it's not exactly conducive to mental stability. I mean, what do you do for the rest of your life? Who are you as a person when what shaped your personality is gone? Part B of this theory is that Darryl, the ex-autistic Abdal, helps him figure this out. How this happens? Is the interesting part that I challenge you to write.

If the previous made you break out in a cold sweat, I totally understand, and will read anything with both Ronan and Darryl in it with a glad heart. The point of Yuletide, after all, is to have fun. Please don't let my crack get in the way of your having fun. PLEASE. I would feel terrible if it did.

Okay, so, like I said, I asked for serious Ronan what-do-you-do-when-what-you-struggled-with-is-gone fic with a Darryl-beats-some-happy-into-him chaser, but honestly, if you can't do that I'll settle for anything Ronan-and-Darryl-centric. Really. I am so easy like that.

My interest in their relationship stems from the conflict of Ronan, an ex-vessel, interacting with Darryl, who can never know that he's a vessel, and the comparisons between losing autism and losing a Power, but even if you don't touch on that, I feel like you can still have a lot of fun with their vastly differing optimism levels. I mean, they were bumming around Mars for months. Surely someone fell down a crater or something. Or you could have them working on an intervention in Ireland, and suddenly the Amadaun shows up! Just throwing that out there.

If you want to write a more serious story, but can't deal with the post-W@W timeframe, I'd love that too. The writers in this fandom (and I love all ten of y'all) never fail to astonish me with their ability to crystallize important concepts elegantly. As I mentioned, the contrast between their statuses as Abdal and ex-vessel and the comparison between ex-autistic and ex-vessal are incredibly intriguing to me, and if you wanted to deal with those in some other way, I would love that.

The point is, as long as it's about these two, I'll love it. Feel free to bring in other characters, but I'd really like the focus to be on the Ronan-Darryl interaction (Or the Ronan/Darryl interaction, but if you want to go there (and I am not in any way shape or form discouraging that, nossir), please make it futurefic, because Darryl is eleven and Ronan is Too Old For Carmela But Apparently Not Too Old For Nita, Who Is Younger Than Carmela, We Think, plus or minus X, where X is ETERNAL PRESENT, DAMMIT, and that's sketchy as hell.)

RPF – f(x)

I'd really like fic based on this Cheuseok photoshoot. In this fandom, what interests me the most is Amber. She's the unicorn of the K-Pop world; a female artist who doesn't present in a typically feminine manner, and who's a Chinese-American rapper to boot. Is she a tomboy? Genderqueer? Lesbian? Trans? (Note: I use female pronouns throughout here because so far, that's how Amber's been identified. This in no way precludes a possible FTM trans identity. Or MTF, for that matter, though that might be more difficult to swing.) Did the SM stylists force her to change her gender presentation as a publicity gimmick, and if they didn't, how the heck did she talk them into letting her go out like that? How does she deal with fans constantly questioning and criticizing the way she dresses? (If you don't know what I'm talking about, the comments on the article I linked to have a pretty representative sampling of the various flavors of asshaberdashery out there.) If she (or he, or ze!) is paired with another member of f(x), how do they deal with the prevalent xenophobia and homophobia in Korean society? Go wild! I don't have strong opinions one way or another on this, so anything you write, I'll devour.

(NOTE: If Wordpress is blocked in your country of origin, please leave an anonymous comment at my DW Dear Yulegoat Entry with the filesharing method of your choice, and I'll post a link to the PDF of the article.)

If you got this prompt, let me just say “WOW,” and also “will you be my friend?” Because I really didn't expect this fandom to exist. As far as I know, there's no fic for it, and the only fanworks I've found are some shimeji and fanart on DeviantArt. (ETA: So apparently there is a decent amount of f(x) fic, and my internet-fu was just on strike when I went looking for it. Thank you, Yuletide Anonymouse! You have killed my productivity for days to come!) Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, anything you want to write is great. My only thing is that given the young age of most of the band members, I'd really prefer not to receive explicit sex in this fandom.

Les Aventures Extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec

What I am interested in from this fandom is Pure. Unadulterated. Girl's Own Adventure. I want to see Adele zipping around the world and being awesome. I am very loose as to how this is accomplished. Wanna write me Adele's adventures aboard the Titanic, and how it wasn't necessarily an iceberg that ripped a hole in the side of the ship? I WILL READ THE CRAP OUT OF IT. Have a hankering to send Adele to the South Pole with Captain Scott to fight off yeti? THAT'S COOL TOO. Do you see Adele sailing down the Nile to Thebes and possibly encountering Evie Carnahan or Amelia Peabody? I – can't actually ask you for this one, because the Yuletide Fun Train doesn't stop at Crossovertown. BUT I SURE WOULD LOVE IT. Include as many or as few characters from the movie as you like; go gen all the way or give Adele a love interest. I just really want fic in this fandom.

If you were assigned to me through one of the above fandoms, and you just found what I asked for to be completely unreasonable, look no further! This is your bail-out fandom. It's a 100 minute French movie set in Paris in 1912 about a lady adventurer who raises mummies from the dead and rides a pterodactyl. Tell me that's not a fandom you want to write in. The movie isn't out in the States, but if you can't find a copy and would like one, leave an anonymous comment in this post and I'll hook you up.

If you're here on purpose, thank you for sharing my insanity! I only have two stipulations that didn't fit in the original comment box:

1. No racefail. I know the canon itself violates this, but we're better than that. If Adele's traveling in a non-European setting, please give the natives their own non-stereotypical motivations and personalities, and try to stay away from the noble savage/brown devil dichotomy. In-story Europeans can be appropriately derogatory, but you shouldn't be. Research helps with this. If you're looking for a jumping-off point, metafandom's racefail tag will give you more knowledge than you actually require.

2. Travel the world, encounter the supernatural, and have a good time!

Academic Institutions (Anthropomorphic)

Okay, um, so, you offered to write in this fandom, and I really hope you're as crazy as me, because what I want is Penn/Princeton. In my brain, Penn has, like, this raging inferiority complex because it's older than Princeton, but its parents made it go into business, and now it constantly gets mistaken for Penn State. So it's a little obsessed with Princeton, who doesn't even know Penn exists, and it spends a lot of time bitching about it to its stoner friend Bryn Mawr. An eventual inadvisable drunken frat-party hookup is optional, but totally encouraged.

Oh god. So, this was going to be a request for a totally different fandom, but then I was scrolling through the fandoms and I realized that somewhere, somehow, there existed someone who would write me Ivy League slash. Hi someone! I hope you like Midatlantic elite universities and fucked-up relationships, because that would really make my day! If not, um. Not sure what to ask for as a backup here. Penn/Princeton. Bryn Mawr as the optional stoner friend. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Yeah.

Other Stuff About Me

If you're looking for more general info, my Delicious should give you a pretty good idea of what I read. If you don't have that much time, here's a summary:

I Like:

  • Plot
  • Fiddly little background details
  • Social commentary that makes me look at the canon in a new way
  • Threesomes (sexy and non-sexy)
  • Banter
  • Characters dealing with “What happens after you’ve saved the world/won Nationals/avenged your father/ achieved what you thought was your purpose in life/ etc etc etc?”
  • Intellectual conversations during sex
  • Intellectual conversations not during sex
  • Accurate science and history
  • Characters getting called on their canonical bullshit
  • Wings/flying (What?)

I Don't Like:
  • Sexism
  • Racism
  • Queerfail
  • Bad grammar and spelling
  • Incest that does not involve Winchesters or Petrellis
  • Plots that could be resolved in ten minutes if two characters who normally share information with each other shared information with each other
  • Sex with mentor figures (including parents, coaches, teachers, and Batman)
  • Inaccurate science, especially with regard to biology and genetics. (Bullshit technobabble or hand-waving a la Doctor Who is fine, but don’t pretend it makes sense if it doesn’t.)
  • Slash where one nominal boy spends the entire time acting like a girl.
  • People getting raped with foreign objects (Yeah, I never thought this would have to be on the list. Blame Highlander, okay?)
  • Sex as a panacea
  • Makeovers

Again, thank you so much for participating in this, my favorite thing in all fandom; you are a wonderful person, and I can't wait to see what you make.
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