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Oh my god, y'all. My hair has gone white overnight, my visage is gnarled and twisted, and my friends and relations no longer know my face, but my Kaleidoscope fic is done. Or rather, abandoned, because it works okay-ish and lacks major grammatical and stylistic errors and doesn't completely suck and at five hours until the fics go live (not are due, mind you, but go live), I feel that I have wrung every drop of blood from that particular stone. Writing this aged me. It isn't even like it was particularly long. I was just incredibly stressed out over figuring out what my recipient wanted, exactly, and reconciling my best guesses about that to a very, very tightly closed canon. I know for a fact that I was waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy overthinking the whole thing, but I have never freaked out over a challenge like this before. My brain has been reduced to .gifs.

A challenge, as told in .gifs. Warning for abuse of bandwidth. )

Now, to go sign up for Yuletide so I can do it all again in a month.

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So a few weeks ago, I converted a ton of my favorite super-long-form fics (Stealing Harry, The Shoebox Project, Written by the Victors, etc.) to a Kindle-friendly format and uploaded them to my Kindle. It did not seem to take this well. After weeks of being sluggish to start and turn pages, my darling Hypatia has just gone to a blank screen and given me the omnious message:

Collecting information..

May take a min..

Will restart when done..

I'm not sure if it's dying or evolving into a higher life form. Y'all, if I've accidentally started a slash fangirl version of SkyNet, I'm sorry. My bad.


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