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Day Three: A Female Character You Hated But Grew to Love

Olivia Dunham, rocking a suit and a centrifuge.

Olivia Dunham, of Fringe

When Fringe first began, I didn't like Olivia Dunham, making me a proud holder of common yet unpopular fannish opinion #42,809,567 (CYUFO #6,043: Yea Verily, Aeneas was a Whinging Prick.). I didn't hate her. That would have required effort. I was bored by her. She embodied everything that was bad about Fringe Season One: her imaginary head-boyfriend was the plot coupon dispenser, her immediate superior was the annoyingly slow information tap Broyles, and her personality was the equivalent of seaside vanilla ice-cream, in that it was cold, flavorless, and unlikely to make a stain on the imagination.

Does this look like a flu you've heard of? Where people's brains come out of their ears? )

The Days of Our Alternate Universe Twin's Lives )
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So. This journal has been profoundly dead lately, because, well, life, the universe, and everything got in the way of fandom. However! I want it to be un-dead, or even resurrected, if you will. To that end, I'm doing the Female Character Meme that's been making the rounds, and because I'm a masochist, I'm not letting myself repeat a fandom. Thirty days, thirty fandoms, (more than) thirty kick-ass women. Let's begin.

Day One: Favorite Lead Female Character

CJ Cregg, ready to slay Republicans with a mere eyebrow.

C.J. Cregg, of The West Wing

When I saw the prompt for today, my first thought was “Are you sure you wouldn't rather have me do something easier and less heartless, like, say, kill a kitten?” Because I am very bad at picking favorites, and I have a LOT of favorite female leads. (This will become apparent later on.) So I decided to go not just for my favorite, but also for my aspiration, to look at the character I show to my younger female friends and relations as a role model; in short, when I was a wee baby Pax, who did I want to be when I grew up? And then C.J. Cregg waltzed in on legs that go to Canada and took over in a New York minute whilst making a better geography-related witty remark than I just did.

One in forty American men wear women's clothing and we've had well over forty presidents. I'm just saying, one of these guys was dancing around the Oval Office in a prom dress. Now let's get to the bottom of that. )

The rest of the days, should you be interested. )


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