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The Kaleidoscope fics are live, and while I can't tell you which fic I nearly killed myself writing until next Saturday, I can recommend quite a few of them.

Recs in Coffee Prince, The Inheritance Trilogy, Saving Face, The Epic of Gilgamesh, and Mongolian History RPF under the cut! )

If those weren't enough, there's a list of all the fanworks, gifts and treats alike, here. Go give them some love.

Now, I need a favor in return: I'm about to embark on a three-day cross-country drive with my father. My type-A, ADD father, whom I adore but who also is not, shall we say, good at transitional periods, change, sharing, or driving for extended periods of time. We have audiobooks and NPR podcasts, but those only go so far. For the sake of our filial relationship, please, recommend to me any good, novel-length fic you've read recently, preferably on the AO3 for ease of Kindle-ing. I don't care about the fandom or pairing, though I have been heavily into the Avengers movieverse lately.
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Right. So A (the artist for the webcomic I write) and I were both up late, trying to beat our publicity materials into submission before a con this weekend. Usually when this happens, we start sending each other little pieces of encouragement, often in the form of photos of half-naked men. This time, however, we went a bit more pornographic.

A: BTW, I fell in love today while I was driving.....
with the Audi R8 that pulled up next to me
It was love at first sight.
Pax: I don't blame you.
Though their front grille is a little derpy.
A: I like the derpy grille!
Pax: YAY attachment finally uploaded.
A: Seriously, though, I liked that car more than I liked any guy in my life.
[A's former crush] included.
Is there a word for people like me?
Pax: Probably, but I'm not googling for it. :D
A: hahaaa
Look at this and tell me you'd rather have a smelly boy.
I mean seriously.
I know you like the swooooope.
Pax: Nope.
I mean, I'd take the Ferrari
But, as always, my heart belongs to Lotus
(also, your pretty Swoop-y 458? Has a bad habit of spontaneously combusting.)
A: i can think of no better vessel to be burned alive in.
Pax: *pause*
Okay, you have a point there.

Priorities: we totally have them straight.


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