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Hello! I just got done with a challenge that was very stressful for me, largely through my own fault, so let me tell you what I wish someone had told me: it doesn't matter what you write, as long as you write it. I love every single one of these fandoms to itty bitty pieces (in one case literally; one of the books has disintegrated), and no matter what you write, I'll love it. Take every single thing I say from here on as strictly or as loosely as you need to to have a joyous Yuletide.

In brief: I'm a multishipper and a multifandom whore. I love, in alphabetical order, femslash, gen, het, and slash. I'm a huge fan of fanworks that look at the canon from a new perspective and that build in new details about the world in which they are set. I generally prefer badinage and wit over angst and despair, but I can be persuaded otherwise. My absolute squicks are embarrassment, mpreg, and mentor-mentee sex. If you want details about my preferences generally, I urge you to consult the list at the end of this letter, my “dear internet please bring me a pony tag,” which collects all of my fandom exchange letters, and my Delicious and AO3 bookmarking pages, which are linked in the sidebar. If you want details about my prompts specifically, those are below the cuts.

Young Wizards )

Newsflesh - Mira Grant )

The Night Circus - Erin Morganstern )

Fidelio (Op.72) )

In General: )

Have fun with this, dear Yule Goat. I can't wait to see what you make.
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So, I was recently on vacation for a week at the beach (granted, the very cold beach, since it was in New Jersey and it's heading into autumn, but still the beach) without internet. I managed to do very well and only twitched a little bit, which was very good, considering I'm usually on my laptop several hours a day. However, I think the internet missed me, because it followed me into real life.

Not. Kidding.

My godson kept running over while I was reading to show the weird things his hermit crab was doing. The boardwalk vendors were selling Troll Face and Cool Story Bro t-shirts. The front-page photo on Sept. 19 was a man in a tricorner hat firing a se'en-pounder from a flagship on the Delaware River.

Honestly, it was like I'd never left. But return I have, to the news that apparently we only have three Yuletide nominations this year?

This is hard, y'all. This is really hard. )

Long story short, if you're thinking about nominating any of these:

Erin Morgenstern - The Night Circus
Stand By Me (1986)
Clueless (1995)
Top Gear UK RPF
Raging Phoenix (2009)
Lost Girl
Diane Duane - The Young Wizards Series

Please drop me a line so we can avoid redundancies, and also squeal about how awesome our tiniest fandoms are.


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