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The Kaleidoscope fics are live, and while I can't tell you which fic I nearly killed myself writing until next Saturday, I can recommend quite a few of them.

Recs in Coffee Prince, The Inheritance Trilogy, Saving Face, The Epic of Gilgamesh, and Mongolian History RPF under the cut! )

If those weren't enough, there's a list of all the fanworks, gifts and treats alike, here. Go give them some love.

Now, I need a favor in return: I'm about to embark on a three-day cross-country drive with my father. My type-A, ADD father, whom I adore but who also is not, shall we say, good at transitional periods, change, sharing, or driving for extended periods of time. We have audiobooks and NPR podcasts, but those only go so far. For the sake of our filial relationship, please, recommend to me any good, novel-length fic you've read recently, preferably on the AO3 for ease of Kindle-ing. I don't care about the fandom or pairing, though I have been heavily into the Avengers movieverse lately.
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So. I have been writing All The Essays lately, and I'm getting kind of blocked. Operating on the theory that a change of work is as good as a rest, and keeping in mind that Three Weeks for DW is coming up, I'm looking for fic prompts. Give me a pairing or character and a word or phrase, and I'll write you something. It probably won't be a long something, but you'll get something.

Current Fandoms: Sherlock, Inception, Doctor Who, Lost Girl, Generation Kill (No Brad/Nate; it just doesn't work when I try to write it), Young Wizards, A Game of Thrones, Coffee Prince, Marvel (Young Allies, X-Factor, Young Avengers, Runaways).

If you want something in a fandom I haven't listed, comment and I'll let you know yea or nay.
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So you got me for Yuletide! I am so glad you share my insanity in at least one (very, very small) fandom, and have not been sent screaming to the hills by my prompt. Remember, dear Yulegoat: You can totally ignore everything I say! I requested these fandoms because A) I love them or B)They don't really exist, in the sense of having fanworks or, you know, fans, but I love the theoretical idea of them or C) I was totally on crack when I made my requests. The point is, whatever you write, I'll love. The prompts are just potential jumping-off points.

I will try to make this as painless as possible, but as you may have noticed, I ramble. A lot. If you just want the Cliff's Notes, I'm equally fond of gen, het, slash, and femmeslash, I favor banter even in dark times, and if you throw in obscure scientific or historical facts I will love your story forever. If you want details, more information than you actually require waits below the cuts.

Diane Duane - Young Wizards )

RPF – f(x) )

Les Aventures Extraordinaires d'Ad�le Blanc-Sec )

Academic Institutions (Anthropomorphic) )

Other Stuff About Me )

Again, thank you so much for participating in this, my favorite thing in all fandom; you are a wonderful person, and I can't wait to see what you make.


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