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Right. First things first: Doctor Who. Because I was travelling for the last two weeks but one, and then sick with the Death Lurgy of the NYC Subway for the next, I watched both of the last two episodes back to back. My reactions to them, respectively, were "meh and ugh and meh and ugh and meh and ugh and mugh" and "WHAAAAAAA?"

Like the nice lady Madame du Hell In High Heels says: Spoilers! )

On a happier fannish note, I just mainlined two books and a novella in the space of 24 hours. That hasn't happened in a while.

The Newsflesh trilogy, which currently consists of Feed and Deadline, follows two adoptive siblings, Georgia and Shaun Mason, as they cover a presidential election for their blog about 20 years after the zombie apocalypse, known in this canon as The Rising. And y'all, it hit me where I live. Political scandal! Internet culture! Surprisingly accurate epidemiology and viral evolution! The response of a society to apocalyptic events! Pervasive yet not cloying references to Edgar Allen Poe! AND ZOMBIES!


Anyone have any recs for Newsflesh/want to babble about what you want to see from the fandom? Because I want to babble about what I want from this fandom. Quite badly.

So right now, I think my Yuletide nominations list has been refined to Newsflesh, The Night Circus, and a third as-yet-undecided fandom, possibly Raging Phoenix, possibly Clueless. I'll trust that someone else will pick up Young Wizards.
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So, I wanted to do a reaction post this week, because I enjoy them, but I'm also about to dash off to a party, and they aren't as much fun when they're delayed. Fortunately, I was chatting during and immediately after the episode with a friend of mine, C. So here, have a chatlog.

Here there be spoilers. For coherency, look elsewhere. )

In conclusion, is it Autumn 2011 yet?
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Oh man.  This EPISODE.  I promised last week that I would have things to say, and as it turns out, I have a lot of things to say.


There's something that I've known but never before processed - almost no other country has a space program like the United States does.  Or rather, did. Russia does.  In about six months, the only way into space will be on a Russian capsule, so maybe I shouldn't knock the rest of the world so much.  However, the fact remains that I've always thought of space travel as a kind of transcendent international goal, when really a lot of it has happened in my backyard.

I grew up in Houston, which is where U.S. astronauts live and train and where Mission Control is. (Houston, we've had a problem.") I went on field trips to the Johnson Space Center about six times before high school, and my high school friends and I still truck out to the Brazos Bend Observatory every August to watch the Perseids.  When Columbia went down, it seemed like the whole city was walking around like we'd been punched in the stomach, because seven people had died, and all the news would talk about was whether we should be going into space at all, given the lack of "practical applications."  I know every kid wants to be an astronaut at some point, but it takes a special kind of crazy to try to brew jet fuel in your bathtub so you can launch your own rocket.  I never did that, because my dad had some very reasonable objections, but I had friends who did.  I've worked in a lab partially funded by NASA.  When the Endeavor launch was delayed yesterday, about six of my friends posted disappointed status updates.  It still breaks my heart that there's nothing to replace the shuttle program when it dies.

All of which goes to say that I know that the space program is important to me, and to the people around me.  But these two episodes had this wonderful, mythic love for the space program that wasn't quite in line with what I've experienced.  It was like going to a service in someone else's religion; all the standard elements were there, but just a little bit - off.

So, non-American friends -  Am I way off-base?  Is space travel as important everywhere else as it is here?  Do you think of it as an international effort, or is it another thing that the US ropes the world into doing?  Scifi would suggest the former, but hey - a lot of that's written by Americans.  Drop a comment, please - I'm genuinely curious.  
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So I know everyone and their mother are flipping their collective shit over Doctor Who, but - I don't really feel like I have much to say about that. I mean, without getting spoilery, the new villains are super-duper creepy, Mark Sheppard is awesome, and River Song is a BAMF, but this was the first half of a two-parter, and it felt like it. There were a lot of great moments that really didn't gel into an episode, but might, given another hour, do so. So I plan to wait until next week to see how it turns out.

However, Doctor Who comprised only one half of the premieres I was excited about this weekend! Treme is back, and continues to hit me where I live. Not quite literally, since the Texans who show up continue to be all Dallasites (Seriously, show? Y'all know that I-10 runs right to Houston, right? Can you just not forgive us for the whole Astrodome thing?) but close enough. If the themes that showed up in this episode propagate, I think I'm gonna like season 2 a lot. Some moments that stuck out:

Spoilers! )

Are any of you watching Treme? What did y'all think? And if you are not watching Treme, what are you waiting for?

Also, I am still doing drabbles for [profile] 3w4dw, but I only have one prompt! This makes me sad. If you want to, go here and leave a prompt!
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One sad thing, and two happy things:

Sad thing: The first three headlines when I opened my Google Reader's News folder this evening were "Split Verdict on Katrina Ruling," "Senate stalls bill to repeal gay policy in military," and "E.P.A. delays tougher rules on emissions." For one horrible moment, I thought that I'd traveled back in time to the Bush years, which, please Jesus no, and not just because those years included middle school and high school. Fortunately, my Weird Shit FriendTM[*] confirmed that it is, in fact, 2010, and I will never have to have Dubya as my elected official ever again.

Happy Thing One: Anonymous is, apparently, applying itself once more to noncriminal activities with the launch of Operation: Leakspin, wherein instead of blasting LOICs at everyone who they think stands in WikiLeaks's way, they actually read the cables and post about them. If this actually happens, it'll be either awesome or disasterous. Either way, I'm deeply entertained.

Manifesto Image under the cut )

Happy Thing Two: Five Sci-Fi Children's Books.

Entries include Oh, The Times and Places You'll Go, Goodnight, Dune, and The Very Deadly Bounty Hunter. GO LOOK NOW.

[*]I have unusually realistic dreams, to the point where I have difficulty sometimes distinguishing them from truth. My Weird Shit Friend TM is the friend I call when I need, for example, to know that my professor didn't actually set an assignment that involves creating period-accurate doll clothes, or that my ex-boyfriend didn't say he wanted to get back together with me at a party. She is a beautiful and tolerant individual on whom I have an incredible amount of blackmail material, should she ever think of screwing with me. Occasionally, she has other uses.

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Title: self-indulgence doesn't get a title
Author: [personal profile] paxpinnae
Fandom: Doctor Who/Star Trek Reboot
Rating: G
Notes: Random tribble comment-fic that I wrote a while back where Rachel Weisz is the N+1 Doctor and Teen!Kirk is her companion. Good enough to save, not good enough to pimp.

In case you were curious, it's The Brothers Bloom's R.Weisz... )
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So I don't know if something got into the water supply lately or if it is just the natural creative juices of summer and the end of finals, but there have been an awful lot of really amazing alternate-format fanworks floating around lately. As at least two of these made me want to run raving into the street, thrust a laptop screen at random passers-by and scream "READ THIS NOW," I thought I'd do the next best thing and post a recs set.

FANART: Doctor Who: In which we learn that maps can make you feel more lost than before: A Partial Map Of Your Tardis (Subject to Change) by[ profile] alibi_factory

If you find yourself in a place which is no longer there, count to ten and step approximately 17 cm to the right. If at any time you should become hopelessly disoriented within the TARDIS, simply scream until help arrives.

When I was a wee lass with a book surgically attached to my hands at all times, one of my favorite parts of reading through authors like C.S. Lewis and Tamora Pierce was that if you had the nice hardback edition, or sometimes even the tatty paperback edition, the endpapers of the books would have maps of the places in the books. You could see that Mordor was almost a whole hand away from the Shire, and that Cair Paravel closer to the Stone Table than the Lantern Waste by a whole pinky knuckle. As I got older and took more geography, the source of amusement changed (usually to laughs of the "Deserts don't work like that" and "What, a despot is really going to PLAN a city with narrow, easily fortified alleyways? Riot control, people! Look at Paris!" variety), but I still love maps of places that aren't there.

What[ profile] alibi_factory has done here is map the unmappable, the place that's bigger on the inside than on the outside, in the only way that makes sense - the completely nonsensical and utterly real. The Library has a card catalog, but it also has sections for "Lies" and "Yet to Be." One floor is The Aether, with a simple red balloon floating in a grey mist; the shuttle can take you anywhere, but it may not take you back. All of this, I might add, is presented in near-perfect modern graphic design form, with clean, beautiful lines. READ THIS NOW.

FANFIC: Iron Man Movieverse: In which we are reminded that Pepper Potts is more detail-oriented than you and learn that Happy can apparently pilot a Helicarrier: Benefit Limitation Agreement by [ profile] quigonejinn

This Benefit Limitation Agreement (the "Agreement") is entered into as of this 19th day of July, 2008 (the "Execution Date"), by and between VIRGINIA ELIZABETH POTTS, a natural person residing at 3948 Garden Drive, Apartment 138, Pacific Palisades, California, 90272, and ANTHONY EDWARD STARK, a natural person residing at 12 Andrews Street, Malibu, California 90263.

Okay, so this one is technically two years old, but it was published at the same time of year and is newly relevant with the appearance of Iron Man 2, so I'm including it anyway. In addition, it is almost unbearably awesome, and I need to make sure that everyone I know has read it. It is, in point of fact, a contract, drawn up by Pepper and Tony, governing the limitations on their "friends-with-benefits" agreement. If you are contemplating a similar arrangement, I strongly urge you to take it as your template, particularly the provisio re: "Supporting Our Troops and Recognizing the Contribution of Labor Unions." READ THIS NOW.

In which the universe tries to make my head explode with concentrated awesome: Survival by Eliot by [ profile] sullensiren

And the two normal-looking guards they'd seen on the way in hadn't fared too well, since the last time Eliot saw them, right before he and Alec were running to duck and cover, they'd had two of the diseased-types chewing on their faces. Eliot didn't know what they were, but they sure as hell looked like-

"Zombies," Hardison said, half urgent horror, and half geeked-out glee that made Eliot want to grind his teeth.

This multimedia event hits every story kink I have - unusual story presentation, OT3 of Thieves, zombies, badass teachers, footnotes, needing to know the plural of apocalypse, jokes about fan culture - Every. Damn. Thing. It takes the form of a website where Eliot gives advice on how to survive the zombie apocalypse while Hardison compiles everything and makes snarky remarks in the footnotes, with cut-away links to story vignettes that show how the apocalypse started and how Eliot, Hardison, and Parker worked to save everyone. The website itself is a thing of beauty, with links to FAQs, bios, forums, and a Dreamwidth community. The story is good, and this is format porn at its finest - it actually got me to use Formspring. READ THIS NOW.

FANVID: Doctor Who: In which [ profile] di-br says goodbye to the Tenth Doctor and the rest of use split our sides laughing: Tenth Doctor: The Musical by [ profile] di-br

The Tenth Doctor Era, told through the power of interpretive dance music!

I was slow to warm to this vid, at first, as the whole "character theme songs" bit has been done and overdone, at least in anime fandom, and this didn't seem all that different from those videos. But it is, dahlinks. It is. [ profile] di-br re-tells the whole of the Tenth Doctor era in just under 7 minutes, while Nine watches and cringes. ( I have often wondered what my younger self would think about my older self; I have a strong suspicion she would be disappointed by the lack of cargo pants and 18th century merchant vessels, but such is life.) The moment I was sold was the moment that Martha Jones came onscreen to the tune of "Fuck You," because if any character in the Whoniverse has earned some gratuitous profanity, it's her. It just gets better from there. READ THIS NOW.

FANFIC: Star Trek Reboot:
In which we are reminded again that the mommas of Jim Kirk, Josh Lyman, John Sheppard, and other J-named rebels against authority should probably be canonized post-haste: {beep} Or: A Lifetime of Problems Told Through Winona Kirk's Answering Machine. by [ profile] vivid_butterfly

Stardate 2244: "Sweetheart? It’s your mother. I heard about what happened with little Jimmy. This is because you’re never around you need to quit your job and-/Are you sure you want to delete this message?/  (beep)"

Okay, so this is another cheat, as it's a year old, but it's either this or {and swallow fireflies}, the Amy Pond fanmix/fanfic by [ profile] paperclipbitch , and I can't do a rec set that is 60% Who even if the Who fen are being BAMFs right now. My hands-down favorite thing about the Trek Reboot fandom is its slavish devotion to taking the female characters who were tossed haphazardly into the canon and making them into real people, with thoughts, feelings, and personal agendas.  I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.  The trend especially stands out with Gaila, the green-skinned space babe who was onscreen for about two minutes and who has had literal reams of digital ink devoted to her, but Winona has also fared well.  READ THIS NOW.


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