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We've matched! Out of all the gin joints in all the fandoms in all the world, you had to walk into mine. This, alone, is enough to fill me with immense fondness for you and your works.

This will be my fourth year doing Yuletide, and every year, I am more and more amazed at what the participants in this challenge can pull off. I've never had a disappointing Yuletide morning, no matter how closely my writer followed my prompt or how much they took it off into their own fantastic directions. My suggestions are just that: suggestions. I would rather receive a story that someone was passionate about than one written out of slavish adherence to specifications. Write whatever you need to write to have a good Yuletide.

That said, if you're LOOKING for some guidance: I'm agnostic regarding femmeslash, slash, gen, and het. I'm very into fanworks that interrogate the text, that poke at it and extrapolate and build in new details that may or may not be comfortable to read about. I also like banter, science, history, and literary references. If you have any more questions about my preferences generally, please consult my dear internet bring me a pony tag, which contains my previous fannish challenge letters (including, uh, the one that I apparently didn't write last year. Whoops).

On to the fandoms!

(Fandoms to come.)
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Hello gang! I have not posted here for a while. I blame
  1. Tumblr,

  2. Work, and, for the last three days week two weeks (it was a long two weeks, okay? Computer shenanigans happened.) or so,


Yes, by the grace of the NHL schedule, the Stars played the Blackhawks at home on a Saturday night, and because [ profile] bienenalster is a glorious enabler, we drove up to Dallas to watch. This was the best decision I have made all year, and I am including the one about putting mochi bits into Nutella. It took a while to recover from my unfortunate demise, but, like Jesus, I have risen to preach the good news of Brandon Saad’s hockey sense.

But first, we had to try to assimilate Coworker J into the glories of hockey by throwing the Aeros at her.

THURSDAY: A Fan is Born )
SATURDAY: In Which It Is Totally Okay to Pity the Dallas Stars, But Only For 97 Seconds )
SUNDAY: In which I learn how to skate backwards, and Kris Foucault learns about pendulums. )


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Another Yuletide has come and gone, and I wrote in a fandom that isn't Young Wizards this year!

Postcards from After the End for Kass. Newsflesh Trilogy, Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason. They sent their posts and articles via blind relay. They sent their very rare postcards much the same way.

I'm very much afraid that it wasn't my best effort, but my recipient liked it, and that's what matters. Also, it has hockey references, because apparently that's how I roll now and forever. The zombie apocalypse has to happen first, but the Maple Leafs do, eventually, win the Stanley Cup again.

In return, I received TWO OUTSTANDINGLY AWESOME WORKS, BOTH FROM MY ASSIGNED YULE GOAT. Y'all, I don't know how they did it, but belford deserves all the praise in the world and you should go give them some.

The first present was Bigger Than You Think an interactive story of exploration, which was a CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE VIDEO GAME COMBINING XKCD AND ITALO CALVINO. I almost burst out crying Christmas morning, I was so happy with it. Also, it wasn't quite The Fic That Won Yuletide (I think the Twisted Princesses fic that got linked on i09 did that), but it was up there, and I am happy that it was FOR MEEEE.

The second present was Tropesis, in Young Wizards, which was The Winged Defender/The Lone Power in the time before entropy. I know I said I loved the video game, but this one hit me where I LIVE, and I think I love it EVEN MORE than the video game. Go read it, it's beautiful.
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OKAY, SO. Tuesday, [personal profile] puckling asked me, in the name of opposition research, which players on the Houston Aeros she should watch out for when she goes to the Aeros-IceHogs game on Friday. Then, because I mentioned that some of the Aeros are pretty decent, facewise, she demanded proof, which I promised to provide as soon as I could get to a place with an internet connection. HERE YOU GO, PUCK.

Disclaimer: Last season, I didn't really get into the Aeros, because I already spend six months of the year weeping over the inadequacies of a Houston sports team and my dance card in that regard is FULL. But they play pretty good hockey, and they're right there, so I started listening to/attending games this season. My knowledge is recent and limited and has largely been acquired against my will, because the road to Aeros fandom dead-ends in the Minnesota Wild, and I cannot root for Zach Parise. I JUST CAN'T.

Rambling and pictures ahoy! )

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But one will reside here before too long! Until that happy day, here are my signups:

This Is Where It Starts Commercial

Ben Watkins
Meng Ling

I'm really intrigued by the notion that the only way the pinnacle of a sport can be reached is when two talented individuals meet and decide that they'd like to pound each other into the floor (in one way or another). That said, I'd really like a slash story that focuses on Watkins' and Meng's rivalry and how it shapes their relationship with the sport and with each other. Futurism would also be awesome, but isn't necessary. Have fun!

xkcd 1110 (Click and Drag)

Pick a quadrant. Write me a story. If you offered this, I'm sure you've got one in mind. If you need suggestions, I give a few in my Dear Yulegoat letter.

Young Wizards - Diane Duane

Lone Power (Young Wizards)
Machu Picchu | Winged Defender

Odi et amo. quare id faciam, fortasse requiris?
nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior.

I hate and I love. Why, you might ask?
I don't know, but I feel it
and it burns.

Winged Defender/Lone Power, please.


Abed Nadir
Troy Barnes
Annie Edison

They all grow up, but not at the same pace. Abed/Troy/Annie.
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For [ profile] sixteenwins, I put up a week of posts as my stake. I lost, horribly, and [ profile] andthenextday won, magnificently, and requested a week of the Los Angeles Kings hugging each other and having terrible facial hair. The results are below the cut.

andthenextday is a time-traveling terminator. )
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The Summer Olympics are here, and while everyone else in the United States is huddled around the TV to watch the gymnasts defy gravity and Michael Phelps win another Fort Knox-equivalent of gold medals, I'll be clutching my laptop, watching the only event that really matters to me: taekwondo.

Olympic-style sparring is fast, intense, and highly skilled. It combines explosive movement with the strategy of chess. It's fun to do and fun to watch, and unless you yourself are a high-level competitor or lucky enough to live in a city that's hosting a tournament, the Olympics are the only time you can really see the world's best in action. Basically, I spend the Summer Olympics flailing incoherently over TKD. I invite you to join me.

The Basics )

Who to Watch )

How to Watch )

Appendices, Footnotes, and Further Resources )

Hopefully, this giant primer has piqued your interest in my favorite sport. Taekwondo is big and complicated and wonderful and I love it, and I hope you'll watch it and talk to me about it. Thank you for reading!

These patriotic BAMFs thank you for your time. And I thank [personal profile] jamethiel for reading over this and telling me where it was boring.
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So. This is Erik Karlsson.

And this is Lars Eller.

And if you'll give me a moment of your time, I'll tell you why [ profile] 87711988 should write about them boning for [ profile] hockeyrarepairs.

Good-looking Nordic Boys and Backstory, HO! )

The Just-The-Good-Bits Version )

Okay, back to my [ profile] hockeyrarepairs fic, which is basically an excuse for me to write both sides of an epic chirp-off and hope that I'm as funny as I think I am. We shall see.
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So the Flyers are facing elimination tonight, and I decided that I would make Chocolate Chip Comeback Cookies to take with me to the hockey bar tonight. (This isn't quite as weird as it sounds. We usually order in food, and one guy's bringing cheesesteaks tonight.)

My usual chocolate chip cookie recipe makes four dozen. Of the four dozen cookies I backed this afternoon, one dozen burned, one dozen fell on the floor after the wire rack overturned, and the remaining two dozen are the sorriest looking cookies I have ever made in my entire life. They are EPICALLY pathetic.

Needless to say, the Chocolate Chip Comeback Cookies will not be coming with me to the bar. If I knew a way to ritually burn cookies, I would do that instead.

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He goes and does stuff like this:
When asked what he would have done if he hadn’t become a professional hockey goalie, Bryzgalov didn’t hesitate.

“Astronaut,” he said quickly.

The media pack sort of blinked back at him. No one was sure whether he was kidding. He wasn’t.

“No, seriously,” he added.

At which point Bryzgalov began a long dissertation about the American space program versus the Soviet/Russian space program and which was superior. He noted that the first two animals in space were Russian dogs, which led to a strange exchange between Bryzgalov and a reporter about who had lost more monkeys in space -- the Americans or the Soviets/Russians. Bryzgalov conceded that too many monkeys had lost their lives in that vocation.

“The problem with monkeys,” Bryzgalov quipped, “they push the wrong buttons.”

WHY IS THERE NOT VIDEOTAPE OF THIS? My soul cries out for Bryz's opinion on the Soviet space program. How does he feel about the historical blind spot in which Valentina Tereshkova resides? Does he agree with Neil DeGrasse Tyson on the motivations behind the initial Soviet push? I NEED TO KNOW.

My soul also cries out because of last night's game. I don't really want to talk about it. Bryz was good, everyone else was inexplicably bad, Laviolette needs to yell at everyone, and it should never happen again. THE END. (Except to add that I kind of want to stab this guy with his own pen. "Bryzgalov played well, sure, but Philly doesn't need 'well.' Philly demands A GOALTENDING GOD." Jackass.)

I've been talking a lot (for me) about hockey fandom, but I've also been writing, in an incredibly distracted, ADD sort of way, three stories:

Cut because I bored even myself with this bit )


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