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One sad thing, and two happy things:

Sad thing: The first three headlines when I opened my Google Reader's News folder this evening were "Split Verdict on Katrina Ruling," "Senate stalls bill to repeal gay policy in military," and "E.P.A. delays tougher rules on emissions." For one horrible moment, I thought that I'd traveled back in time to the Bush years, which, please Jesus no, and not just because those years included middle school and high school. Fortunately, my Weird Shit FriendTM[*] confirmed that it is, in fact, 2010, and I will never have to have Dubya as my elected official ever again.

Happy Thing One: Anonymous is, apparently, applying itself once more to noncriminal activities with the launch of Operation: Leakspin, wherein instead of blasting LOICs at everyone who they think stands in WikiLeaks's way, they actually read the cables and post about them. If this actually happens, it'll be either awesome or disasterous. Either way, I'm deeply entertained.

Manifesto Image under the cut )

Happy Thing Two: Five Sci-Fi Children's Books.

Entries include Oh, The Times and Places You'll Go, Goodnight, Dune, and The Very Deadly Bounty Hunter. GO LOOK NOW.

[*]I have unusually realistic dreams, to the point where I have difficulty sometimes distinguishing them from truth. My Weird Shit Friend TM is the friend I call when I need, for example, to know that my professor didn't actually set an assignment that involves creating period-accurate doll clothes, or that my ex-boyfriend didn't say he wanted to get back together with me at a party. She is a beautiful and tolerant individual on whom I have an incredible amount of blackmail material, should she ever think of screwing with me. Occasionally, she has other uses.


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