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So. This is Erik Karlsson.

And this is Lars Eller.

And if you'll give me a moment of your time, I'll tell you why [ profile] 87711988 should write about them boning for [ profile] hockeyrarepairs.

Erik Karlsson and Lars Eller were teammates from 2007-2009, when they were both playing for Frolunda HC in Sweden. Eller plays center, is a little bit older, and was drafted 13th overall by the Blues in 2007.

Karlsson plays defense, is a little bit younger, and was drafted 15th overall by the Senators in 2008.

They both started playing in the NHL in the 2009-2010 season. They both got off to a slow start; Eller started in the AHL because he had mono in the preseason, and Karlsson started in the NHL, but was sent down because he was just kinda sucking, but they both tried real hard and finished the season playing for their respective teams.

If you can stop staring at Karlsson's arms long enough, you'll see the face of determination. If you can't, though, I totally understand.

Larsy understands too.

Anyway, in 2010, The Blues traded Eller to Montreal for Jaroslav Halak, in a move which no one in Montreal has shut up about since. You may remember Halak from all those stories the media were running before the playoffs about St. Louis's unstoppable goalie tandem, right before the L.A. Kings ran them over with a mac truck.

This season, Karlsson officially graduated from being an up-and-coming young defenseman to being one of the best two-way defensemen in the league when he was named a Norris finalist, right alongside Zdeno Chara and Shea Weber. No one really knows what the hell is going to happen with that award, but Karlsson registered 19 goals and 78 points, so he stands a good chance of winning.

Lars Eller... is very pretty!

Okay, I kid. He got 16 goals and 28 points this season, which is very respectable given his disadvantages of being a third-liner and also a Hab.

The point is, they are young and reasonably good at their jobs and also friends, mostly! They've even said that they're friends!

So why the hell did they try to beat the crap out of each other in March?

Good question!

Okay, the story: way back during the March 14 game between the Senators and the Canadiens, at 13:22 in the third period, Erik Karlsson and Lars Eller both got two minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct, for what may be the lamest hockey fight ever.

Basically, they shoved at each other a little.

Then they got escorted to the sin bin, where they yelled at each other in Swedish the whole time.

Neither Eller nor Karlsson are regular partiers in the sin bin, but this would still be pretty boring. Except. In their respective post-game interviews, Lars Eller said this:

“I know Erik. We’ve played together in the past. What you say on the ice stays on the ice though. We’ll keep it between ourselves, but I will tell you that we had the discussion in Swedish. That’s all.”

and Eric Karlsson made a face like this:

and then Carey Price said this:

(This was also the game where Erik Cole scored and then high-fived the referee and then this happened. DON'T EVER CHANGE, CAREY PRICE.)

The point is, there is a story somewhere in there. Why did they decide to go at it? Was it just a wrong-place wrong-time thing? If so, why did they keep yelling at each other in the penalty box and then refuse to talk about what they were saying? I NEED TO KNOW. There are so many ways you can run with this, and I encourage you to pick one and go with it! Or, you know, not, because I fucked up my prompts post and you're under no obligation. The option is there if you choose it, is what I'm saying.

Okay, back to my [ profile] hockeyrarepairs fic, which is basically an excuse for me to write both sides of an epic chirp-off and hope that I'm as funny as I think I am. We shall see.


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