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So, I was recently on vacation for a week at the beach (granted, the very cold beach, since it was in New Jersey and it's heading into autumn, but still the beach) without internet. I managed to do very well and only twitched a little bit, which was very good, considering I'm usually on my laptop several hours a day. However, I think the internet missed me, because it followed me into real life.

Not. Kidding.

My godson kept running over while I was reading to show the weird things his hermit crab was doing. The boardwalk vendors were selling Troll Face and Cool Story Bro t-shirts. The front-page photo on Sept. 19 was a man in a tricorner hat firing a se'en-pounder from a flagship on the Delaware River.

Honestly, it was like I'd never left. But return I have, to the news that apparently we only have three Yuletide nominations this year?

This is hard, y'all. This is really hard. Because while on vacation, I read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

And The Night Circus definitely has to be one of my Yuletide nominations. It's literally a week old! Who will take care of my baby if I don't? It's not quite "the next Harry Potter," as the reviews have been uncreatively building it, but it is magical and captivating and has so many unfilled spaces in its world. I have 2,000 words of femslash down already, and loads of ideas for worldbuilding porn. SOMEONE HAS TO SHARE THIS PASSION, EVEN IF I HAVE TO TIE THEM DOWN AND HOLD THEIR EYES OPEN A LA A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, MKAY?

But! My Yuletide Wishlist Notes document which I have just now opened informs me that at some point in the last year, I also desperately wanted Stand By Me high-school age Gordie/Chris, Clueless canon-reinterpreting Cher/Tai, Top Gear zombie apocalypse gen RPF, Haven worldbuilding porn, Raging Phoenix post-canon Pigshit/Deu, that Lost Girl fic where Kenzi is a total badass and I don't have to write it myself, and of course Young Wizards, where I seem to have written "Darryl+Trancsendant Pig=AWESOME. AWESOME WTIH BACON," possibly while drunk. While I'm pretty sure Young Wizards and Haven will be nominated, and I can get my Raging Phoenix fix through Kaleidescope,the rest of these fandoms are tiny-to-nonexistent. If I want to receive a fic where James May rescues Hammond and Clarkson from an apartment building in a tow-trailer dirigible, I'm going to have to nominate Top Gear RPF myself.

Long story short, if you're thinking about nominating any of these:

Erin Morgenstern - The Night Circus
Stand By Me (1986)
Clueless (1995)
Top Gear UK RPF
Raging Phoenix (2009)
Lost Girl
Diane Duane - The Young Wizards Series

Please drop me a line so we can avoid redundancies, and also squeal about how awesome our tiniest fandoms are.


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