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For [ profile] sixteenwins, I put up a week of posts as my stake. I lost, horribly, and [ profile] andthenextday won, magnificently, and requested a week of the Los Angeles Kings hugging each other and having terrible facial hair. The results are below the cut.

A photo of Jonathan Quick, drunk, dropping multiple f-bombs in a speech after winning the Stanley Cup. Caption: (703): I went out in a blaze of glory. I failed the field sobriety test by saying ABCD FUCK YOU.

Dustin Penner with a truly EPIC walrus mustache. Caption: (925): So I’ve only had a mustache for about 5 minutes and I’m already pretty sure it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

Anze Kopitar, sitting on a ladder next to a tree that has all his and his brother's hockey accomplishments carved into it. The Stanley Cup is on top of the tree. Caption: (440): The ticket read “Found nude in a tree”

Mike Richards tackle-hugging Jeff Carter and Cabbie Richards after winning the Stanley Cup. Caption: (775): You know when the three of us hug it out in the alcohol isle in walmart it’s gonna be fun.

Colin Fraser hoisting the Stanley Cup on a dock while his son hoists a tiny toy version right next to him. Caption: (626): I just stood next to my childhood self. Fuck, I’m really stoned…

Anze Kopitar, sporting one sorry-looking playoff neck beard. Caption: (913): My chest hair is, as we speak, arching upward to embrace my neck beard. The union will be a storied one.

Top: A stunned, happy-looking Kings fan in a bar full of rejoicing Kings fans. Bottom: Darryl Sutter, the LA Kings Coach, doing a fist pump. Caption: (818): Have you ever seen an entire lecture hall fist pump? It’s magical.

Top: Dustin Brown's adorable, Spider-man-pajama'd children blow chocolate-milk bubbles in the Stanley Cup. Bottom: Matt Greene and the other Kings hurl drops of champagne and beer through the air while drinking out of the Stanley Cup. The look on their faces is like kids on Christmas morning. Caption: (415): Just heard an advertisement for 40 proof chocolate milk. We may never have to grow up

Top: Dustin Brown completely fails at drinking out of a water bottle, squirting  water out the bottom and all over himself. Bottom: Dustin Brown kisses the Stanley Cup just before hoisting it. Caption: (817): The worst mistakes make the best memories. Write that down.

Jarret Stoll, Drew Doughty, and Trevor Lewis hug and giggle after scoring a goal. Caption: (215): Somewhere at this very moment, a group of drunk white girls are singing dont stop believing.

Whoooole bunch of Kings in a pool with the Cup. Caption: (651): The bar owner gave me permission to push people into the pool. I’m never going to leave Los Angeles

Drew Doughty skates up to Jonathan Quick to give him a fist-bump. Caption: (281): Thanks for getting me home last night. (832): No worries. I’ll always be there for you, just like Mufasa.

Jeff Carter and Mike Richards, hugging, from the back. If they were tinier and slightly cuter, it could be a Precious Moments card. Caption: (607): We can grow old together and our livers can fail together

ALL THE KINGS in the ice photo with the Stanley Cup. Caption: (402): next time a party gets busted lets get a group photo first.

Thanks, [ profile] andthenextday! These were a lot of fun to do!

Date: 2012-08-06 05:55 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] shihadchick
I enjoy how presents for andthenextday benefit us all. These are DELIGHTFUL. :D


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