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paxpinnae ([personal profile] paxpinnae) wrote2012-05-08 06:15 pm

On Superstition and Cookery

So the Flyers are facing elimination tonight, and I decided that I would make Chocolate Chip Comeback Cookies to take with me to the hockey bar tonight. (This isn't quite as weird as it sounds. We usually order in food, and one guy's bringing cheesesteaks tonight.)

My usual chocolate chip cookie recipe makes four dozen. Of the four dozen cookies I backed this afternoon, one dozen burned, one dozen fell on the floor after the wire rack overturned, and the remaining two dozen are the sorriest looking cookies I have ever made in my entire life. They are EPICALLY pathetic.

Needless to say, the Chocolate Chip Comeback Cookies will not be coming with me to the bar. If I knew a way to ritually burn cookies, I would do that instead.

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I mean, I was rooting for the Devils in this series, but still. That's pretty damn sad.
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