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You've gotten me for Kaleidoscope. YAY! This means we share at least one tiny fandom, and it also means that you'll be helping that fandom expand by a small but significant amount, and really, that's all I care about. The prompts I gave are just that - prompts. If they don't gun your engine, you're totally allowed to come at things from a different angle. Whatever you write, I'll love.

If you're reading this, you're hopefully just trying to get a better handle on my tastes and preferences. The Cliff's Notes version: I like, in no particular order, gen, het, slash, and femslash, I'm a big fan of badinage and twisty, thoughtful plots that re-examine the source material, and if you throw in obscure factoids or details about the world I will love your story forever.

If on the other hand you're here because you were completely confused by my prompt ("She wants light and fluffy death fic? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAAAANNNNN?"), I've gone on a little bit more about each of them below the cuts.

Coffee Prince

I would like some post-series Eun Chan/Han Gyeol that acknowledges her genderqueerness. The tone doesn't really matter - light & fluffy, hot & kinky, dark & angsty (well, maybe not dark & angsty) - nor does the plot (although having a plot would be nice). I just want to see Eun Chan being not exactly a perfect Korean woman, and Han Gyeol, with maybe a few reservations, deciding that he likes that just fine.

On reflection, this prompt came out a little more political than I intended it to be when I was writing it. I'm not necessarily looking for fic where Eun Chan comes out as genderqueer or anything. That said, Eun Chan's self-confidence, refusal to compromise who she is as a person, and unhappiness when she was hiding herself from Han Gyeol made up probably my favorite arc of Coffee Prince. When she comes back from Italy, Eun Chan is dressed a little girlier than when she went away. I'd like to see fic where Han Gyeol deals with that, either favorably or unfavorably, and where Eun Chan's still determinedly self-possessed - no matter what form that self may take.

Oh god I've just made things more complicated. Write some fic, include Eun Chan and Han Gyeol, deal some with gender identity issues. That's really all I want.

The Inheritance Trilogy - N.K. Jemisin

My wants in this fandom are few and simple: More Sieh. While most of the fandom seems completely fascinated with Nahadoth, the dark broody angsty one, I'd really like to see the further (or past) adventures of the boy-god who plays with planets. I'd like to see fic that plays with the constrictions of his nature as a child and as an incredibly ancient being, but honestly I'd settle for a simple trickster tale just as easily. As long as Sieh's the main character, I'll be happy.

SIEH. He is my favorite in this fandom, possibly for forever. Like I said, I'm a fan of his trickster/child nature and how that rubs up against his interactions with others, but honestly I'll take whatever you write. I'm fond of his interactions with Yeine and with the other gods and godlings, though a in-universe fairy tale with original characters would also be super-cool. Basically, do what you will.

Re: The Kingdom of Gods: Asking for Sieh fic a few weeks before a book that largely centers around him is due to be released puts you, the writer, in a bit of an awkward position, and I'm sorry for that. I have The Kingdom of Gods on preorder from Amazon, and barring a major meltdown in my personal schedule, I'll have it done by the time Kaleidoscope fics are released. (If I'm totally honest with myself, I'll probably have it done within 24 hours of the release time; I may have to hide my Kindle on Oct. 26 to stop myself from sitting up until 3 AM hitting refresh and waiting for it to download.) However! I recognize that this is not necessarily normal or healthy, and that you probably don't have time to read, digest, and develop ideas based on a whole new chunk of canon in the week-and-a-half between the release and the Kaleidoscope deadline. That's totally fine. You can include or not include KoG canon as you will; I'll be happy either way.

Raging Phoenix

One of my narrative kinks is "What now?" I'd really like to receive some fic about what Deu does with herself after the film, the ways in which she does or doesn't slide back into her own life. Does she try to go back to being a drummer? Does she keep going after the human traffickers? Does she keep up with Pig and Dog? With Pai? Let me know! I'd prefer minimal Sanim angst, if possible.

I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory. I loved the complete RIDICULOUSNESS of Raging Phoenix, and I have an enormous girl-crush on Jeeja Yanin, so it's pretty hard to go wrong here. I wrote this prompt with gen in mind, but I'm open to relationship fic. I think Deu/Pai and Deu/Pig both offer some pretty interesting opportunities if you want to go there; I'd just ask that you not make it a big "Sanim has gone from my life, however shall I cope" sobfest. Deu is too awesome for that nonsense.

That's it! If you have any more questions, feel free to check the "dear internet bring me a pony" tag, which I use for exchange letters, or drop me an anonymous comment here. Good luck!
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